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Styrian Castles Route & Graz UNESCO Heritage Day Trip

Where is Styria you may ask? The answer is one of the most picturesque areas in the south of Austria, just a few hours from Vienna! Here you will visit a small town Hartberg, surrounded with a massive protective wall, and learn its long and reach history. The settlement was located here in the Neolithic ages and is one of the most important, prehistoric settlements of Styria from the 3rd century BC. You will experience another Styrian authentic town of Pöllau with a huge baroque building of former abbey dominated the local landscape. 
One of the highlights of the tour will be a visit to Herberstein Castle, one the most romantic and famous castles in Austria, mysteriously hidden in the countryside. In the castle you will find out more about the 700 year history of the region and the traditional Styrian family. Furthermore, you will have the opportunity to experience the spirit of the past yourself as the Herberstein dynasty still lives here today. You will get to know a long tradition to keep wild animals here. Herberstein was converted into a zoo where you could see animals from all five continents. It is very well designed and has the largest cheetah park in Europe. It includes a remodeled ski-lift, forcing the cheetah to catch their food, which is hauled by the ski-lift at fast pace.
Enjoy the wonderful world of warm Styrian hospitality, famous for its homemade cuisine, breathtaking natural beauty, castles and distinguished history. The whole tour is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to go back to the past times of this area.
A further highlight is a visit to Graz, the capital of Styria, where you will surely fall in love with the historic heart of the city, also a famous UNESCO World Heritage site. You certainly know one of most famous Styrian sons – actor and former US governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. Probably we will not meet him there, but the tour will be unforgettable!
The tour will be operated with a multi-lingual guide in English and Russian.
Entrance fee to Herberstein castle & zoo is included.
Duration: 12 hours.
Subject to alternations.


119,- €